Restoration Specialized Equipment:

Xpertek Construction is proud to use superior quality equipment to assist its team of restoration specialists.

  • Drying equipment:
    • Industrial dehumidifiers: (Low grand refrigerant and conventional)
    • Ventilation fans (Air Movers)
    • Air Scrubbers equipped with H.E.P.A. filters
    • Negative air/positive air with H.E.P.A. filters
    • Generators
    • Vacuum and pumps for water extraction
    • Moisture reading instruments
    • Psychrometric reading instruments
    • Dri-Eaz Hardwood floor drying system - rescue mat system
    • Driforce interair drying system (purifier and drying system)
  • Odor Control equipment:
    • Vaportek Vapor Shark Industrial Odor Control System
    • Vaportek Restorator Odor Control System
    • Air Scrubbers with Carbon activated filters
    • Misting - fogging and drying