Xpertek Construction specializes itself in the emergency, mitigation & restoration market. If you (and/or) your company require high quality service, rapid response time, fair pricing and complete customer satisfaction then we can help.

Since 2007, Xpertek added asbestos abatement in it's list of services. We will place bids on asbestos contracts while the emergency services are on a fee basis. Xpertek employs highly skilled individuals with a great attitude. We take pride in providing a safe working environment for our staff and clients. Our top priority is to ensure your experience with Xpertek is fair, reasonable, professional and enjoyable.

Guy Massé & Louis Ryan


Guy comes from a family of tradesman. Involved in the construction & restoration industry since 1992, Guy carries both practical and theoretical experience. He founded the firm Xpertek Construction in 2000.

Louis' background is framing, & renovation. He graduated from la Cité collégiale in Civil Eng. Tech, in 1997. After 7 years as an agent in the insurance industry he joined Guy with Xpertek Construction.